The Venture Bros

The Venture Bros 2003

Watch The Venture Bros Online Show Stream at The Venture Bros Streaming In parody cartoon THE VENTURE BROS., which is part of Cartoon Networks Adult Swim line-up, the titular brothers, Hank and Dean Venture (voiced by Christopher McCulloch and Michael Sinterniklaas, respectively), are a pair of bumbling, naive teenagers whose father, Dr. Venture (James Urbaniak), is a world-renowned super-scientist. Actually, hes the son of a world-renowned super-scientist, constantly cowering in his late fathers shadow and trying to live up to the Venture name -- the more he fails, the more he retreats into a fog of prescription painkillers and booze. Brock Samson (Patrick Warburton) is a shadowy figure, a former government agent gone seriously homicidal, who has sworn to protect the boys at all costs. The Ventures primary nemesis is The Monarch (McCulloch again), a megalomaniac intent on taking over the world while wearing a butterfly costume, who is assisted by Dr. Girlfriend (Doc Hammer), who has the body of a supermodel and the voice of a Bronx wrestler.

S6 Episode 8 : Red Means Stop
S6 Episode 7 : A Party for Tarzan
S6 Episode 6 : It Happening One Night
S6 Episode 5 : Tanks for Nuthin’
S6 Episode 4 : Rapacity In Blue
S6 Episode 3 : Faking Miracles
S6 Episode 2 : Maybe No Go
S6 Episode 1 : Maybe No Go
S6 Episode 0 : All This and Gargantua-2
S5 Episode 8 : The Devils Grip
S5 Episode 7 : Bot Seeks Bot
S5 Episode 6 : Mommas Boys
S5 Episode 5 : O S I Love You
S5 Episode 4 : Spanakopita!
S5 Episode 3 : SPHINX Rising
S5 Episode 2 : Venture Libre
S5 Episode 1 : What Color Is Your Cleansuit?