The Game

The Game 2006

Watch The Game Online Show Stream at The Game Streaming THE GAME is a sitcom that centers on the day-to-day lives of the women who stand behind the football players of the fictitious San Diego Sabers -- and about the games these women play to keep the guys by their side. Tia Mowry stars as medical student Melanie Barnett, who gave up Johns Hopkins Medical School and a close relationship with her parents in order to be with her boyfriend Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall), the Sabers newly drafted third-string wide receiver.

S9 Episode 9 : What More Can I Say?
S9 Episode 8 : The Crying Game
S9 Episode 7 : Clip It… Clip It Good
S9 Episode 6 : Get Up, Stand Up
S9 Episode 5 : Hashtag My Bad
S9 Episode 4 : Dust in the Wind
S9 Episode 3 : Episode 3
S9 Episode 2 : The Spin Control Episode
S9 Episode 1 : The Kiss Fallout