The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball 2011

Watch The Amazing World of Gumball Online Show Stream at The Amazing World of Gumball Streaming THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL centers on the misadventures of a 12-year-old cat named Gumball (voiced by Logan Grove), for whom chaos at home is nothing compared to the scrapes he can conjure up for fun. Accompanied by his good friend and former goldfish, Darwin (Kwesi Boakye) -- who shocked the Watterson family by sprouting legs and moving in with the family as an honorary kid -- and his genius younger sister, Anais (Kyla Rae Kowalewski), Gumball is never lacking big ideas for fixing the problems he finds himself in. But even when hes patched things up as best he can, hes still got to own up to his shenanigans to his frazzled mom, Nicole (Teresa Gallagher).

S4 Episode 41 : The Re Run
S4 Episode 40 : The Disaster
S4 Episode 39 : The Stories
S4 Episode 38 : The Compilation
S4 Episode 37 : The Fury
S4 Episode 36 : The Detective
S4 Episode 35 : The Slap
S4 Episode 34 : The Blame
S4 Episode 33 : The Roots
S4 Episode 22 : he Girlfriend
S4 Episode 20 : The Origins (1)
S4 Episode 19 : The Traitor
S4 Episode 18 : The Wicked
S4 Episode 17 : The Hug
S4 Episode 15 : The Uploads
S4 Episode 14 : The Romantic
S4 Episode 13 : The Comic
S4 Episode 12 : The Upgrade
S4 Episode 11 : The Routine
S4 Episode 10 : The Parking
S4 Episode 9 : The Gift
S4 Episode 8 : The Sale
S4 Episode 6 : The Check