Scream Queens

Scream Queens 2015

Watch Scream Queens Online Show Stream at Scream Queens Streaming SCREAM QUEENS follows 10 aspiring actresses as they compete for a coveted role in Saw VI. Each week, theyre trained and mentored by horror film director James Gunn, acting coach John Homa, and actress Shawnee Smith, whose role in the Saw franchise has made her scream royalty. After a series of exercises designed to teach the contestants a specific trick of the terror trade, each is screen tested to see if shes got the looks and talent for the part. Those who fail to impress risk being axed from the competition. Adding to the theatrics is the drama resulting from all the up-and-coming performers living together and trying to get along.

S2 Episode 10 : Drain the Swamp
S2 Episode 9 : Lovin The D
S2 Episode 8 : Rapunzel, Rapunzel
S2 Episode 7 : The Hand
S2 Episode 6 : Blood Drive
S2 Episode 5 : Chanel Pour Homme-Icide
S2 Episode 4 : Halloween Blues
S2 Episode 3 : Handidates
S2 Episode 2 : Warts and All
S2 Episode 1 : Scream Again
S1 Episode 13 : The Final Girl(s)
S1 Episode 12 : Dorkus
S1 Episode 11 : Black Friday
S1 Episode 10 : Thanksgiving
S1 Episode 9 : Ghost Stories
S1 Episode 8 : Mommie Dearest
S1 Episode 7 : Beware of Young Girls
S1 Episode 6 : Seven Minutes In Hell
S1 Episode 5 : Pumpkin Patch
S1 Episode 4 : Haunted House
S1 Episode 3 : Chainsaw
S1 Episode 2 : Hell Week
S1 Episode 1 : Pilot