Major Lazer

Major Lazer 2014

Watch Major Lazer Online Show Stream at Major Lazer Streaming MAJOR LAZER is an animated series based on the reggae-inspired electronic music project of the same name. It centers on a larger-than-life superhero named Major Lazer (voiced by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), whos the citizens first line of defense in standing up to the cruel and domineering President Whitewall (J.K. Simmons) and General Rubbish (James Adomian) in a futuristic Jamaica. Along with Whitewalls daughter, Penny (Angela Trimbur), and her friend BLKMRKT (John Boyega), Major Lazer fights for justice against the nefarious forces of the government and anyone else who threatens individual freedom, particularly the freedom to party.

S1 Episode 10 : Episode 10
S1 Episode 9 : Episode 9
S1 Episode 8 : Episode 8
S1 Episode 7 : TBA
S1 Episode 6 : The Legend of Spooky Dookie
S1 Episode 5 : Vampire Weekend
S1 Episode 4 : Double Cup
S1 Episode 3 : Treble in Paradise
S1 Episode 2 : Escape from Rave Island
S1 Episode 1 : Bad Seed