Kirby Buckets

Kirby Buckets 2014

Watch Kirby Buckets Online Show Stream at Kirby Buckets Streaming KIRBY BUCKETS centers on a 13-year-old aspiring animator named Kirby Buckets (Jacob Bertrand) who jumps at the chance of a lifetime to compete in a character-design contest and meet his idol, cartoon creator Mac MacCallister (Michael Daniel Cassady). But catastrophes are par for the course for him and his best friends Eli (Cade Sutton) and Fish (Mekai Curtis), and he has to deal with the nagging of his older sister, Dawn (Olivia Stuck), who resents that he uses her for inspiration in some of his caricatures and will do anything to get him in trouble with their parents. Lucky for him, he has a following of his animated characters who show up from time to time to join in on the fun, which is always good for some laughs.

S2 Episode 26 : The Goods
S2 Episode 25 : Episode 25
S2 Episode 24 : Me Time: The Ballad of Mac and Mom
S2 Episode 23 : Torched
S2 Episode 22 : Buckets of Money
S2 Episode 21 : Tunnel Babies
S2 Episode 20 : Episode 20
S2 Episode 19 : Mitchell's Gauntlet
S2 Episode 18 : When Mitchell Met Dad
S2 Episode 17 : Say Uncle
S2 Episode 16 : Twinsies
S2 Episode 15 : Oh Bros, Where Art Thou?
S2 Episode 14 : Kirby to the Max
S2 Episode 13 : Ripper Impossible
S2 Episode 12 : Ripper Impossible
S2 Episode 11 : Weekend with Inga
S2 Episode 10 : Atta Boy
S2 Episode 9 : It is a Kirbyful Life
S2 Episode 8 : Kirby Sells Out
S2 Episode 7 : Episode 7
S2 Episode 6 : Episode 6
S2 Episode 5 : War and Pizza
S2 Episode 4 : Episode 4
S2 Episode 3 : The School Spirit
S2 Episode 2 : Failure to Launch
S2 Episode 1 : Episode 1