Just Add Magic

Just Add Magic 2015

Watch Just Add Magic Online Show Stream at geektv.ch Just Add Magic Streaming Kelly Quinn (Olivia Sanabia) grew up cooking alongside her grandmother (Barbara Brownell), but the grandmother's mysterious illness recently put an end to that. So when Kelly discovers an old cookbook that once belonged to her grandma, she decides to make something from it for her, but doing so has surprising consequences for those around her. With each magical recipe she tries, she and her best friends, Hannah (Aubrey K. Miller) and Darbie (Abby Donnelly), notice that something bad always accompanies the good effects, and the book's contents increasingly seem related to Kelly's grandmother's condition. As mysteries swirl and suspicious figures keep tabs on the girls' actions, Kelly, Hannah, and Darbie try to learn the secrets behind these ancient recipes.

S1 Episode 13 : Just Add Pluots Part 2
S1 Episode 12 : Just Add Pluots Part 1
S1 Episode 11 : Just Add Camping
S1 Episode 10 : Just Add Memories
S1 Episode 9 : Just Add Do-Overs
S1 Episode 8 : Just Add Besties
S1 Episode 7 : Just Add Mama P
S1 Episode 6 : Just Add Birthdays
S1 Episode 5 : Just Add Jake
S1 Episode 4 : Just Add Mom
S1 Episode 3 : Just Add Dogs
S1 Episode 2 : Just Add Brains
S1 Episode 1 : Just Add Magic