I Wanna Marry Harry

I Wanna Marry Harry 2014

Watch I Wanna Marry Harry Online Show Stream at geektv.ch I Wanna Marry Harry Streaming I WANNA MARRY HARRY is a reality series starring a group of women who have traveled to England to meet their Prince Charming -- and a young man pretending to be him. It stars Matt Hicks, a 23-year-old ordinary British guy with limited funds who just happens to look a lot like His Royal Highness Prince Harry, fourth in line to the British throne. After learning more about the prince and taking aristocracy lessons, Hicks moves into an English castle and is presented to 12 twentysomething American women competing for the affections of the man theyve come to believe is Prince Harry. For eight weeks the Prince Harry look-alike goes on a variety of dates to get to know the women. Throughout it all he must also pick and choose the women he wants to spend time with and the women he wants to leave the castle.

S1 Episode 8 : Fairytale Ends
S1 Episode 7 : Regal Rumble
S1 Episode 6 : The Royal Treatment
S1 Episode 5 : A Pageant for the Prince
S1 Episode 4 : My Brother William
S1 Episode 3 : Spotted by the Paparazzi
S1 Episode 2 : Sir
S1 Episode 1 : Royal Masquerade Begins