Hunters 2016

Watch Hunters Online Show Stream at Hunters Streaming The government first became aware of HUNTERS -- that is, alien terrorists -- in 2009. In response, they formed the Exo-Terrorism Unit (ETU), a secret organization that battles the increasingly dangerous alien threat. FBI agent and former soldier Flynn Caroll (Nathan Phillips) finds himself recruited to ETU after his wife, Abby (Laura Gordon), is abducted by a Hunter. The special-ops force needs all the help they can get as the aliens look just like humans and are quickly infiltrating Earth. ETU isn't immune: Regan, an effective if emotional soldier, is hiding some suspiciously Hunter-like abilities.

S1 Episode 13 : New Holy Ground
S1 Episode 12 : Pretending to See the Future
S1 Episode 11 : Telegraph
S1 Episode 10 : Our System
S1 Episode 9 : Promise
S1 Episode 8 : The More I See You
S1 Episode 7 : Kissing the Machine
S1 Episode 6 : Bunker Soldier
S1 Episode 5 : Her Body in My Soul
S1 Episode 4 : Love and Violence
S1 Episode 3 : Maid of Orleans
S1 Episode 2 : Messages
S1 Episode 1 : The Beginning & the End