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Home Free 2015 2015

Watch Home Free 2015 Online Show Stream at geektv.ch Home Free 2015 Streaming On reality show HOME FREE, nine couples are challenged to renovate one fixer-upper house every week. On each hour-long episode, teams of two pitch in to reconstruct falling-down abodes under the direction of noted contractor Mike Holmes (Holmes on Homes). Each week, the couple who does the sloppiest job on the renovation is eliminated. But theres a twist -- unbeknownst to the remaining competitors, the eliminated couples are given the houses theyve just renovated. Its a lot of hard work -- but everyone wins in the end.

S2 Episode 9 : FINALE
S2 Episode 7 : Episode 7 – 8: Flying Solo – Skill Got It
S2 Episode 6 : Team Teardown
S2 Episode 5 : Push the Limits
S2 Episode 4 : Boulevard of Skill vs. Will
S2 Episode 3 : Pressure’s On
S2 Episode 2 : Holmes on the Ranch
S2 Episode 1 : Tebow Time
S1 Episode 8 : Dream Holmes
S1 Episode 7 : Episode 7
S1 Episode 6 : Go Big or Go Holmes