Hello Ladies

Hello Ladies 2013

Watch Hello Ladies Online Show Stream at geektv.ch Hello Ladies Streaming Lanky English Web designer Stuart Pritchard (Stephen Merchant) skipped across the pond to Los Angeles with dreams of landing a girlfriend with his go-to phrase, "Hello, ladies!" But he s been unlucky in love for two reasons: He s awkward, and he s kind of a jerk. Meanwhile, his struggling-actress roommate, Jessica (Christine Woods), takes pleasure in tormenting him while she works on writing and directing her own Web series...and on trying to stop sleeping with her agent.

S1 Episode 8 : The Drive
S1 Episode 7 : The Wedding
S1 Episode 6 : Long Beach
S1 Episode 5 : Pool Party
S1 Episode 4 : The Dinner
S1 Episode 3 : The Date
S1 Episode 2 : The Limo
S1 Episode 1 : Pilot