Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures 2008

Watch Ghost Adventures Online Show Stream at Ghost Adventures Streaming In GHOST ADVENTURES, Zak Bagans and his team of supernatural investigators travel around the country to find real-life haunted houses -- and hopefully capture evidence of the spirit world on film. During their investigations, the team is locked inside each location overnight, with their cameras, digital tape recorders, and other high-tech specter-sensing gear ... and possibly a few actual phantoms.

S13 Episode 12 : Dakotas Sanatorium Of Death Internal
S13 Episode 11 : Zalud House
S13 Episode 10 : Dumas Brothel Internal
S13 Episode 8 : St Annes Retreat
S13 Episode 7 : Hotel Metlen
S13 Episode 6 : Route
S13 Episode 5 : Dorothea Puente Murder House
S13 Episode 4 : Reseda House of Evil
S13 Episode 3 : Palace Saloon Internal
S13 Episode 2 : Mackay Mansion
S13 Episode 1 : Colorado Gold Mine