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Dog with a Blog 2012

Watch Dog with a Blog Online Show Stream at Dog with a Blog Streaming When Bennett James (Regan Burns) brings home a shelter dog to help step-siblings Tyler (Blake Michael), Avery (G Hannelius), and Chloe (Francesca Capaldi) relate better to each other, it doesnt have the immediate intended effect. But then the kids discover that Stan the dog (voiced by Stephen Full) can talk, and they join forces to protect his secret from everyone, including their parents, Bennett and Ellen (Beth Littleford). Stans unusual talent creates some off-the-wall predicaments for his new family, but ultimately the adventures bring them closer together as well, and Stan recounts all of the new developments in his daily blog.

S3 Episode 23 : Stans Secret Is Out
S3 Episode 22 : Avery Starts Driving
S3 Episode 21 : Stan Rescues His Princess
S3 Episode 20 : Murder of the Ornamental Dress
S3 Episode 19 : Guess Who is Dating Karl
S3 Episode 18 : The Puppies Talk
S3 Episode 17 : You are Not My Sister Anymore
S3 Episode 16 : Stan Has Puppies Part 2
S1 Episode 20 : Avery's Wild Party
S1 Episode 18 : A New Baby?
S1 Episode 17 : Averys First Breakup
S1 Episode 16 : The Truck Stops Here
S1 Episode 15 : Averys First Crush
S1 Episode 11 : Stan-ing Guard
S1 Episode 10 : Dog Loses Girl
S1 Episode 9 : Stan Stops Talking
S1 Episode 8 : The Bone Identity
S1 Episode 7 : The Parrot Trap