Dear White People

Dear White People 2017

Watch Dear White People Online Show Stream at Dear White People Streaming Set at a fictional Ivy League college named Winchester University, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE follows Lionel (Tyler James Williams), a gifted writer who's recruited by a student editor at the school's paper to write about grumblings that have ensued since the Randomization of Housing Act was passed. At Armstrong-Parker House, a dorm that historically has been the school's base for African-American students, Samantha White

S1 Episode 10 : Chapter X
S1 Episode 9 : Chapter IX
S1 Episode 8 : Chapter VIII
S1 Episode 7 : Chapter VII
S1 Episode 6 : Chapter VI
S1 Episode 5 : Chapter V
S1 Episode 4 : Chapter IV
S1 Episode 3 : Chapter III
S1 Episode 2 : Chapter II
S1 Episode 1 : Chapter I