A Wicked Offer

A Wicked Offer 2015

Watch A Wicked Offer Online Show Stream at geektv.ch A Wicked Offer Streaming A WICKED OFFER is a reality series that shows how far people are willing to stretch their ethical boundaries in order to win a substantial sum of cash. Host Matthew J. OConnor presents people with offers to win some money. The catch? The offers presented require them to convince people to do things they normally wouldnt do, or do something that will potentially have a negative impact on those closest to them. Once an offer is accepted, contestants will sign a contract and then have 24 hours to complete the task. Throughout it all, the money-based motive behind what folks are doing cannot be revealed. When the challenge is over, OConnor determines if theyve met the parameters of the contract, and if they get the money. But before its over, theyre given the chance to make some more.

S1 Episode 8 : Here Comes the Bribe
S1 Episode 7 : Get Rich or Cry Trying
S1 Episode 6 : Immaculate Deception
S1 Episode 5 : Wurst Taste Scenario
S1 Episode 4 : The Jokes on You
S1 Episode 3 : A Session Confession
S1 Episode 1 : When Kush Comes to Shove