Colony Season 2

Watch Colony Season 2 show Online Streaming In a future Los Angeles, occupation by shadowy cosmic forces has turned a town into a COLONY. Living there under an assumed identity as mild-mannered mechanic Steve Sullivan is former Special Agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway from Lost) and his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies from The Walking Dead). The Bowmans are just trying to keep their heads down and take care of their family: rebellious teen Bram (Alex Neustaedter) and sweet 8-year-old Grace (Isabella Crovetti-Cramp). But since their other child, Charlie (Jacob Buster), was separated from the family during the Arrival of what everyone calls the Hosts, Katie and Will naturally want to keep searching for him. But that search, and Will's participation in the Resistance, soon brings the Bowman family to the attention of the authorities: They want Will to work for them, but the Resistance is ready to kill anyone found collaborating. The Bowman family seems to be in an impossible position -- but Will and Katie are wilier than anyone gave them credit for.

Season 2

S2 Epi 13: RoninFriday 7th of April 2017
S2 Epi 12: SeppukuFriday 31st of March 2017
S2 Epi 11: Lost BoyFriday 24th of March 2017
S2 Epi 10: The Garden of BeastsFriday 17th of March 2017
S2 Epi 9: Tamam ShudFriday 10th of March 2017
S2 Epi 8: Good IntentionsFriday 3rd of March 2017
S2 Epi 7: Free RadicalsFriday 24th of February 2017
S2 Epi 6: FalloutFriday 17th of February 2017
S2 Epi 5: Company ManFriday 10th of February 2017
S2 Epi 4: PanopticonFriday 3rd of February 2017
S2 Epi 3: SublimationFriday 27th of January 2017
S2 Epi 2: Somewhere Out ThereFriday 20th of January 2017
S2 Epi 1: Eleven.ThirteenFriday 13th of January 2017